Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fashion Yearbook evaluation

The fashion yearbook was another difficult brief, one that was lead far too much by the whims of the client who seemed unable to let the team, as designers, design. He constantly changed his mind, meaning that the changes to the design direction kept on happening. He limited the design to having one layout which made us feel a bit like the book was going to be dull. He often provided us with images and content way after the deadlines we had agreed with one another, meaning that the book nearly didn't get to print on time.

On the upside, I learned so much about prepping a large publication for print. About the relationship between client and designer (i.e. how I should manage a client in the future) and about the relationship between designer and printer (they're generally affable people who have your interests at heart).

I'm also satisfied with the final result, despite it being nothing like what I'd imagined and the difficulty of getting there. In terms of the way the three of us, myself Kate and Ross, worked... I think that although I started out being the project manager and was doing very well at it, Ross took up a lot of the slack for that in the later months as other briefs began to take over my life. I think myself and Ross were the ones that needed up doing most of the work, not because Kate didn't want to, but because there didn't seem to be enough room for her to be able to work as well, this is unfortunate but perhaps it's something that needs reconsidering for next year, because although it is a substantial undertaking, I think it could be easily and more successfully managed by 2 people instead of 3-4.

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