Sunday, April 17, 2011

Important update

It's been a bit of a gap with posting about the year book, we're still awaiting the list of people and their biographies, which will allows us to star working on the final thing, rather than just with proposed spreads. Paul is increasingly difficult to work with in that his time management isn't brilliant, nor his organisational skills. This means that our team feels like we're constantly playing catch-up. We have the spread layouts and cover designs approved, we are just literally waiting for the information to arrive.

Another thing to note, Jonny is coming under increasing strain with his rationale, he doesn't feel he can continue to do this and justify it in his rationale. It's looking increasingly like he might have to leave the project. This is fine and agreed with the rest of the team because we're at a stage where it's ready to go if we get the information and the work can be divided by the three of us quite easily. It's a shame but I thin it's bets all round and I'm glad we've sorted it out amicably and efficiently.

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