Friday, April 1, 2011

packaging magnetic tape zine

I did this a while ago but I only just got to re-photograph it, post-burglary. Basically it's just some quick mock-ups of how to cheaply package the magnetic tape zine.

Firstly, here is a document of the right size put into a plastic wallet, this is quite a safe secure way of doing it and will hold the tape that comes with it quite easily. The problem is, that I've done it before with the conspiracy theory book and want something a bit more diverse and interesting for my portfolio.

Here it is wrapped in black tissue paper sealed with clear tape, this seems appropriate because it's cheap and lo-fi and the colour black suits the document's monotone nature well. I've also placed a sticker from the conspiracy brief on the front to demonstrate that using a sticker might be the best way to move forward with this. With a double fold, the paper is easily strong enough to hold the tape as well.

I tried the sme again but with black sugar paper, unfortunately this paper is far too bulky and difficult to manage to use as packaging.

Decision is to go with black tissue paper, I am going to need to design a sticker in order to let people nwo what the magazine is inside.

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