Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Type is our artform

Came up with a new potential idea for this copyright typeface brief, using the phrase 'type is an art form' or varying phrases around that. It kind of cuts to the core of the issue; that type design is an art and it's to be respected. If I send this message to designers in poster form then they can feel part of this community to.

The design is inspired in part by the way moveable type looks, this harks back to a time when type design and type-setting were even more of a craft to emphasise this point:

I started too complexly and worked backwards form there. the type is mirrored to emphasise the idea of it being moveable type ready to go through a letterpress machine. I tried a few different typefaces but the futura family looked the cleanest and most aesthetically pleasing to me, although the sans-serif does help the letterpress visualisation, being traditional in appearance.

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