Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kubrick book covers; lines and shapes

I decided to have another bash, using the themes for the film-makers that I'd looked at earlier in my research, Kubrick being meticulous, I created some designs using shapes and patters to try and represent this. I also experimented with using Kubrick's eyes to kind of demonstrate the art of film-making and where his visionary skill lies, but it didn't work. I started experimenting with just using lines in a sort of pyramid shape, the shape is supposed to indicate a Kubrickian corridor kind of shape. I tried a few font variations with it as well as positions, I think that futura heavy and medium seem to be working the most effectively.

I chose a red, although I will try a few different colours out in a near-future post. This is because a lot of Kubrick's films are about the horrors of humanity, and red, the colour of conflict and negativity seemed appropriate for this.

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