Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Other book covers similar style

Here's some more book covers in a similar vein to the Kubrick design in the last post. Below is some ideas about Wes Anderson, they are attempts at using lines and shapes to represent the idea of flawed characters, something prevalent in his films. I like the design involving white lines that are slightly disjointed, I believe this is the most successful because of i's simplicity. The colour I have chosen is a light blue, because primary colours are prevalent in his cinematography and this blue is well known from the film the life aquatic:

With Scorcese, I looked particularly at the theme of Catholic Guilt that runs through his films. The purple seems like an appropriate choice for this, being a colour of papacy etc. but I need to experiment with the exact shade if I chose to go down this route. I experimented with lines that represent heavy over light, as in a burden, though I'm not sure I have exactly what I'm looking for yet.

Hitchcock is a pioneer of the gaze technique in cinema, these are some attempts at representing the gaze through lines, though they're not entirely successful yet, they're a good start. Black obviously is used to represent the black and white that most of his masterpieces are filmed in.

Spielberg is renowned for his huge variety of genres that he has explored, here I have used different types of line stroke to represent this variety, I think this is going in the right direction too, but I need to find an appropriate colour.

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  1. Ben, these are so beautiful, what a beautiful gift these would make if sold as a set. I absolutely love them! xx