Thursday, April 21, 2011

Les Morts

I was recently approached by Daisy (collaborated on a few things before) to design another t-shirt with a similarly morbid theme and approach to the work. I decided to work with a Ouija board idea, it being a supposed vessel to communicate with the dead. For some reason I decided to do it in French, perhaps to romanticise it a little bit and avoid using the English; 'Yes' 'No' and 'Goodbye' which feel a little dull on a design. Anyway here it is, and it will go into print production next tuesday. Final touches were to add a slightly textured etheral background in order to create even more of a spiritualist vibe to the t-shirts.

Whats significant about this, is that it has begun a new way of thinking about my fmp and my practice in general. This stuff is something I really really enjoy and I've neglected it, so I'm going to use this piece as a springboard to start a company with Daisy called Les Morts (The Dead) and start a brief tagged 'les morts' which will be the branding, the website and t-shirt and garment designs, plus a look book once all the designs are printed and laid out. In order to do this, I'm dropping the Mario Merz Exhibition brief, I haven't started it yet, it's self initiated and I don't have a passion for it like I do for this brief.

Here's the brief:

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  1. I really would like one of these if Daisy is going to make them into t-shirts, xx