Monday, January 17, 2011

Brief idea: Copyright, Copy Type

Over Christmas I've been reading a book called 'Just My Type'. It's a book that covers a variety of different fonts, giving interesting insight into their creation, their uses and often their semiotics. Apart from being a very good book, one section about the difficulty people have protecting the fonts they make from piracy and plagiarism really stuck out. It started me thinking about the sense of community in the design world, how we all need to collaborate in order to protect designers we respect and the art and craft of our trade. I started thinking about a design solution that would help champion this cause. It fits into the sector of 'creative industries' that I'm looking at, it by nature will be typographically driven, so it seems like an ideal opportunity to create something unique that fulfills a real need within the design community. What I propose is a series of mailshots to be sent out to design stuidos that communicate this need for a community where we all ensure that typeface designers are respected and given the recognition for their work. The tone of voice has to be exactly spot on, I don't want to offend design studios, they are almost certainly not culprits. I just want to emphasise this element of community within the design world with the focus directed on this issue. It promises to be an interesting brief, and one with the possibility of collaboration if I chose to go down the route of designing a typeface. I want to make this a real live brief, where the end result will be sent out to studios.

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