Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clarification on the Garry Barker brief

OK, so this morning we had the briefing with Garry Barker where he briefed us and showed us examples of work, some of which I'll reference in a future design context post. The meeting was really useful because it provided a clarity with what he was trying to say that the written brief maybe lacked a bit. Here are some notes I took on it: His focus seems to be on creating something really unique in terms of format and folding that means that it becomes something really desirable when he sends it out to fellow fine artists and print makers.

Something useful about it was looking at some publishers he was interested in, particularly Footprint, a collective zine based printers who he wants to collaborate with on the brief. They're really ecologically friendly so thats a consideration. I need to do a bit of research on them and their capabilities.

Other things he was interested in include typography from the 19th and early 20th century, something that reflects where he's coming from mentally. This is a consideration and something really useful to look at as part of the research for this brief.

Above are just some of the deliverables for the pitch that were really helpful and below is a brainstorm that myself and Ed, who I'm collaborating with, did on the deliverables of the pitch. All in all this could be a nice little brief as the pitch it's self, then the brief as a whole becomes a massive substantial brief if we're able to land it.

From this information that we were given I was able to write a formal brief for the project so obviously it proved to be a tremendously helpful meeting.

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