Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Case Study: Sagmeister

Sagmeister's studio is an extremely famous (a least in the design community) studio that is frequently at the forefront of it's many disciplines, started by renowned designer Stefan Sagmeister. Some of the work they produce is just so unique and conceptual, but it balances that off with, not always, but often very typographical work. They're a huge studio and to learn more about him and how the studio operates would definitely be useful. Again, I'm goig to need to start looking at specific questions to target the information I want from him. I'm not going to push to get feedback from him, but I do think that it would be an extremely useful thing to get, especially from someone so big. So we'll see what happens when I contact the studio. The piece I particularly admire is Sagmeister's 'Made You Look' a book about the studio. The way the cover works with the book packaged in transparent red and green plastic looks fantastic, and looking through that plastic hides various bits of the cover, which are then revealed once the book is pulled out. It's a clever idea, and an interesting approach to viewer perception of the book.

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