Monday, January 31, 2011

Initial ideas about Garry Barker's publication.

OK, so firstly I emailed Garry Barker today, I wanted to know if he had an ovearching title for the whole publication. He replied:

No, I was thinking of changing headings/titles as to need. My name would be the only constant.



This makes it difficult for me in terms of designing something that binds the work together, other than using his name. I am tempted to ask him if he has got seperate titles for the individual publications. This will just give me a bit of content that would really help me jump into it, rather than 'Lorem Ipsum-ing' everything.

Above are just a quick few concept sketches of the possible ways that this publication could work, but I'm thinking that it will be more effective to start making paper mock ups to really get some creativity going. With year book looming, this si something I might have to put off until the weekend.

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