Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some publication layouts

Here are some publication spreads that I quite like. Immediately below is creative review with their new edition for February, which is entirely type-centric. The grid is lovely and tight and the combination of type running horizontally and vertically makes it look quite dynamic and almost architectural. I also like the balance of type to image, with minimal columns of well placed type running along the top that let the images really shine.

Below is Icon Magazine, attributed to Ken Leoung. I love the presence of the vivid orange. A strong colour presence is something that I'm always drawn to and always find really really striking. The 6 column grid is really versatile and the clean lines of the adherence to that structure really make for an excellent set of layouts.

They both give me general tools to draw from when trying to create contemporary work for the culture industry, i.e. less is more, grid tightly and maintain a clean minimalism to the work.

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