Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brief writing, further development

Essentially, after the briefing yesterday, where Fred that we should be thinking about all the possibilities of what the brief could possibly be in terms of creating a substantial amount of deliverables. I looked at the briefs I had written so far and decided to try and apply this to them.

With the magazine, I came to the conclusion that it's best to do one whole magazine and then propose covers and and 1 spread for 3 future issues, this will show a range and how the series will hopefully work. Also, with each one there should be a poster and I came to the conclusion that making me something suitably lofi like a mixtape would really compliment the theme of the magazine, so designing packaging for the tape of each magazine is something I want to do as well. badges are always going to go well too. Then there's the possibility of advertising the free magazine; What can it be and where will it go, i.e. how to advertise this magazine to the appropriate audience.

The Mario Merz exhibition is a good one to make substantial too. It's the publication of the exhibition, promotional posters to be put around as ambient media. The exhibition banners. Tickets for entry. I didn't put this down, but also postcards and badges. There's a wealth of potential here. Another possibility is viral print, so posters that don't make it clear what it is at first, but reveal more as time draws closer to the exhibition. This could be done with printed materials put up around the city of the exhibition.

The Copyright, copy type brief was harder to think about. This is something I want to talk to Lorenzo about in the tutorial to see what possibilities I have in terms of making it substantial. I think the majority of the work will really be nailing the concept and the clarity of the message. If I want to actually send this mailshot out, I really really need to nail the tone of voice to avoid causing offense.

With the pitches for Garry Barker's publication and the Year book, it's a little different because with Garry's publication, he's giving a briefing tomorrow morning on them and so the deliverables and what the project is can be more clearly defined. With the yearbook pitch, there's a briefing next Friday which will help clarify. However, there is stuff that we need to talk about as a group; defining roles and concept etc.

With the year book, we kind of defined some roles as well as looked at an overarching concept, and we've got two ideas we want to sort of merge, and it's about getting that so it sits comfortably. It's about fulfilling the cycle of the first 3 years and the legacy that has left. So both Ross and Kate are working on that element of the concept, looking at ways this can go across the cover, the photography etc. I'm going to make some contract sheets so we have a clear idea of what our roles are in a formal manner.

The briefing for this one is tomorrow and hopefully it will allow us to get a lot more clarity about the brief, you can read for yourself what questions and concerns myself and Ed have. We both also want to get in touch with the case room after the briefing to see if they have any advice, if the book is to be three books at once, they might know some interesting ways of making a book that divides into three, etc.

From this exercise and the briefings we attend tomorrow and next friday, I'll be able to fully write up these 5 briefs. Obviously I want to do more, and I will write mroe over the coming days.

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