Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase are a studio that I occasionally see bits and bobs from through various design blogs etc. and often the work is to a great standard, below are just a few examples of their publication design.

This is a look book as part of branding and identity for swedish company 'Human Scales' so they've taken the theme of scales as in fish scales and created a look book that uses a fishing theme. The photography is excellent and the design is simple but very complimentary. The spreads are gloriously minimal. I love the way the pull quote is used in the bottom image. Also of note is the novel packaging, which makes the book seem more precious and fragile.

This piece I'm not such a fan of. I understand the simplicity of what they're trying to do, but to me it feels a little plain and the title and the image seem a little disparate. I do, however like the very clean white cover.

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