Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Group tutorial and FMP 2nd draft.

OK, so I brought this a long with the briefs I'd been looking at with me to the group tutorial with Lorenzo. My own personal conversation with him in the tutorial made me feel like I was doing pretty well in the specificity of what I was saying. The rationale and the subjects/themes section seem to have been generally written well. The only thing I'm going to change is the 'underpinned by research into semiotics' bit of the rationale, because although I'm likely to do this research as part of the projects I do, it is unnecessary and therefore it won't make the final cut.

Another thing I need to be aware of, is picking areas of culture that apply specifically to the briefs I've got so far, this can always be amended when I secure more than the basic 5.

Overall tips I got from the meeting that I thought were really useful were that the rationale establishes a series of broad focus, which is then narrowed into sub categories by both the subjects and themes section and the design skills section. It's important to remember that this is how it's broken down when I'm writing it so there's a real clarity to my rationale and everything I write in subsequent sections backs it up through elaboration.

Overall the tutorial was really useful, even observing the challenges of others in my group, where they weren't so clear, where they needed to be more succinct, or where they needed guidance. I felt quite clear with what I was doing, but gaining insight into these other people's projects allowed me to realise where amendments needed making and where I needed to reduce the length of my rationale, what subjects and themes I need to keep and what I need to cut. It was definitely helpful in terms of clarity and getting the most out of this module thorugh good preparation in the writing process.

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