Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Case Study: Workshop

Workshop is a design studio to which, like the rest of my classmates, have an unusual insight into, the pair being graduates from our degree; Ollie Shaw and Tom Pratt. They're only in their first year as a working company and are already doing extremely well, having a variety of clients, again mainly in the culture industry. There is something, unlike Music, very distinctive about their work where they seem to have developed a style. However, despite my last post, in this instance, I don't see it as a bad thing at all. Their work seems to use a lot of customised fonts where the glyphs become more than just letter-forms, but almost typographical sculptures that a type geek such as myself can appreciate. This creates a range of quirky, unique and appropriate design solutions for their clientele, in a similar way that Music's chameleon approach seems to work. Their style is ultra-slick and contemporary whilst maintaining an element of timelessness with it's simplicity borrowed from the Swiss approach to design. This approach is very well suited to high-culture such as contemporary high-fashion and music.

I really want to do a studio visit with these guys for two purposes; to talk about how they went about achieving their goal of setting up a company so fresh out of university and how they attract clientele, both seeming like worthwhile things to know about the business fundamentals of design especially given that potentially they could be myself in a year's time etc. All of the work below really appeals to my personal beliefs about good design and I look forward to seeing further developments from this studio.

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