Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Case Study: Music

Music are an excellent Manchester based Graphic Design company who I have been aware of for around a year and a half when I saw some work featured in the now defunct 'Grafik' magazine. They have had quite a lot of clients within the culture sector, something that I see vital to my FMP. They've had clients such as D & AD, along with Creative Review, London Design Festival and the Manchester International festival.

What, to me, is significant about their portfolio of work is the diversity of their print based solutions. They're frequently typographically driven but, and I think this is significant in terms of good design, extremely diverse as solutions are made to fit the problem, rather than applying certain stylistic choices because that's what they wanted to do with it. My understanding of designers is that we all speak within the limits of our own vernacular, and just like great speakers, the broader your vernacular, the more appropriately chosen words or, in the case of design, solutions become available.

Below are some examples of the diversity of their approach that also showcase their intelligent approach to concepts and the precision of their execution creating pieces where the design is not only a vessel of the message or function, but an active participant in resolutions that push boundaries and really enhance the audience's experience.

Of particular standout to me is the cover of Creative Review (below) which uses a nice little idea that draws on universal experiences of creatives to make something that is simply but sharply executed that really engages with the audience of designers in a way that's really quite fun and definitely engaging.

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