Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Initial FMP proposal and context

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This is some initial responses to the briefing we had about the FMP along with some ideas of briefs that I think will aid my learning and my progress into the professional design world. There are workshops on this tomorrow, but having a read through what I've completed so far you hopefully get a sense of what I want and how I'm going to attempt achieving it. In terms of sources/resources, I haven't listed that many yet, although I intend to maximise the amount of designers,studios and related resources as the drafts of this go on.

With the list I've already got, I'm going to do a series of case studies with their work in terms of why they're successful and what elements to them I want to emulate or I see as significant regarding my own project.

In terms of how this process will go on, writing the FMP, I feel a little confused as to how everything needs to be structured and what is needed from me to create a working project. Previously mentioned workshop will hopefully clarify a lot of this and I'll post my conclusions and discoveries from it tomorrow.

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