Friday, May 13, 2011

33 degree cross design

I saw the symbol below in the book 'Occult and Masonic signs and their meanings' and thought it was a really intruiging looking shape. It's called the 33 degree cross and is worn by high level freemasons.


So this starts of really simple, just using the cross and some very poor typography skills befor eit evolves. Gradually it started taking shape as a logo for a fictitious 'les morts secret society' which is why the 666 was added, to kind of give it a bit of satanic intrigue and danger. It's also why I turned the writing backwards, which is often assosciated with Satanism.

At this point I translated the words into French to keep up the French vibe that seems to be developing in the brand. In my opinion, this makes things even more intriguing and odd. I wasn't keen on the circle, it kind of evoked the feeling of a rising sun with a japanese letter over the front of it, which doesn't really reflect that sense of mystery and symbology that I'm after.

I much prefer the rectangular slab. It will also make the slanted cross sit much more effectively on a t-shirt, without it looking odd (slant vs. straight down t-shirt could be a little odd on the eyes). Why the colour? because I like it. I will of course try out a heap of colours, but not right now. That's for a future post.

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