Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Compliments slip development

The compliments slips took a similar direction to the proposals for my business card, and I'm leaning towards just typography again, the coffin as well just looks messy and far too much. Again I messed with editing out part os the text to make it kind of ethereal, but we'll see how this prints in terms of legibility. I messed with point sizes, from 12 up to 20, I think bigger is probably better and 20 point seems about right.

In terms of the reverse of the compliments slip, I transposed the stuff from the business card design I liked the bets for the sake of continuity and then added with compliments, I tried it Title Case without the '{'s but it worked best capitals, with them. I'm torn between right aligned info and left aligned info, in the centre definitely doesn't work. So thats something to get feedback on in the crit.

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