Friday, May 27, 2011

Advertising techniques

OK, so I needed to think of a realistic way to approach advertising of the company to pitch to Daisy. Basically, there isn't enough money to take out web banners, obviously... nor magazine adverts as yet. The best stratergy therefore is to approach the physical advertising virally, whilst using social medias such as facebook to promote the brand digitally.

The advantage of facebook is that you can meta-tag it, which means that facebook will recommend it to people with similar interests as those meta tags, meaning that I can reach my target audience quickly and efficiently:

Whilst the viral physical advertising is hopefully a way of making people feel inclusive in something secret, like a cult, etc. Anyway here are a few quick designs for posters, which are to be fly-posted around, they're supposed to be ambiguous and interesting and provoke a reaction of curiosity, the date on them is a date myself and Daisy have set to try and get things up and running, providing us with the summer to get to where we need to be with it:

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