Monday, May 30, 2011

Attempt at screen-printing zine, what to do next

OK, so I attempted to screen print my zine but it was rubbish! the black was more consistent, but I don't even like that and the type came out illegible, unfortunately someone took it upon themselves to bin/remove the stuff before I had time to photograph it, so I guess now what I'm going to have to do is stick with what I've got and photoshop them. Propose that the stock is similar, but not the same (inkjet friendly instead) and not actually mass produce this zine, think about doing that over summer if I get time.

Anyway, here are photos I took of all of the physical products photoshopped, they look ok and these are what I'll use for my boards. I wish I could get more consistent colour quality. I need to work with a photographer to shoot my stuff in the future!

First issue:

Future issues

proposed spreads

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