Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Les Morts, Death is a distant rumour design.

Death is a distant rumor to the young' by Andy Rooney and found it quite fascinating. It's also an interesting a literate quote about mortality that I think would appeal to my target audience of 18-25 year olds. I want to target those who are branching out intellectually and a philosophical statement like that is pretty appropriate. Here is some design development I did for it:

I started with the quote, simply placed in Gill. It seemed a bit reminiscent of the keep calm and carry on posters. Hopefully not too similar. Anyway I began experimenting with a few symbols to go along with it:

(Meaning extracted from the book 'Occult and Masonic sings and their meanings')

-the figure 8, symbol of eternity
-alpha and omega, greek symbols interpreted as the beginning and the end
-upward pointing pentagram symbolising humanity
-Downward facing triangle with line, which equals 'Earth'
-Coffin, which is often assosciated with death.

I started placing these in a way that meant something,analytically, with the coffin as the centrepiece. Eternity at the top, being strived for. Earth at the bottom, the ultimate resting place and the alpha and omega symbols running from left to right, the eye following that journey from beginning to end. I sent the design with everything excluding the pentagram to daisy, and she said it had too much going on. She was right, I'd thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it and now it was a bit messy. I removed the text, which had since been translated into french (keeping the vibe from the company name and the ouija board going) I tried the coffin and the symbols on their own, as well as with the pentagram in a secondary colour, overprinted. I need to get some feedback from people as to which of these they believe is working most effectively.

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