Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Business Card development

Here are some quick play arounds with the potential design for the business. I got permission from the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery pinhole photography as long as I credit them somewhere on everything it's used in (small, small point size is not an issue apparently.) SO I have placed it on the back of the card on the bottom in 4/5pt. I've added the coffin logo that daisy liked on one and used brushes to make the type look quite ethereal as well as the image, (we'll see how this looks in print) the type without brushes might come out a lot more legible. Anyway we'll see and get critted on them

In terms of development of the other side, I tried using a sans-serif typeface as well as a serif, but the difference between the two is far too jarring, so I stuck with Times New Roman. Doing this peace made me realise I need to add a brand guide to the list of things to do so there's rules to the typography. The last one is the one I want to go for and so the rules if this were to be applied across branding would be; Logo, important headers; Times New Roman, All Caps, 6 pt(business card only), +800 leading, body copy is times new roman, italic, 0 leading and the same size as a header.

Something else to note is the upside down cross that separates the headers and the info on the business card. This should be used as a flat logo against white, where the coffin should be used against photography where applicable.

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