Monday, May 16, 2011

Route A photographs

We got all of Route A's photographs today, but route B won't be expected till first thing tomorrow (despite being promised them at 12 o clock, then 4 o clock and then 6 o clock... standard with this project)

Unfortunately, Route A's press photographs aren't as nice as we would want or expect. The problem with the pathway is that they are expected to brand as well as design garments without much help on the basics of typography or branding. This leads to weak results. I've already recommended that Paul sort out a more formal arrangement of collaboration between their students and our students for next year to get great results. I hope he follows through on it.

Here's an example of a strong spread and a bad spread:

I think it's apparent which is which. But this isn't our problem. The layout is strong and that's what matters to us.

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