Monday, May 23, 2011

brand guidelines development

I had to think hard about what my brand guidelines needed to include before I began. It needs: logo and its applications, secondary logo and it's applications, type choices, page formats, colour scheme, additional colours, web presence stuff.

Below are a few examples of good brand guideline books that I've taken inspiration form. I wanted something as clean that uses a similar contrast in black and white in order to make the guidelines successful.

Below are screenshots that I took of the guidelines as I was going along. I used a 12 column grid, that gave me a bit of versatility as a pose 2 a 6 column grid, but it wasn't quite as tight as a 16 column grid because the placing of text is going to be very consistent throughout. I took inspiration form the stationery that I'd already designed to get me stared on writing them and I asked for input from Daisy throughout as to the rules and colour scheming.

The problem with doing this a few days after i've actually done the designing is that I can't remember what I was doing so I won't go into detail with all of these shots, but hopefully it will document some development and how some of the pages work within the grid.

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