Monday, May 16, 2011

Context further thought

If my context book(s) are used to argue that typography is an art form, then there should be a chapter (or small book) that properly reasons this before jumping into why I (and others) think that typefaces are an art form.

In this book I would need to firstly define art, before extracting quotes from type designers that establish their views on typefaces as art forms. I think for the sake of having rules I want to have 10 arguments to this effects,. This will tie in with 10 serifs, 10 sans serifs, 10 designers and make a really strong concept.

If this were to be the case, then the books would be roughly 24 pages each. This means to save on paper and costing, that want to do them less than A4 so I can print them comfortably on A4 sheets.

I kind of want them to be intellectual almost, so the standard academic book size of 127mm by 180mm seems appropriate.

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