Monday, May 2, 2011

Finally got the biographies

Right, this week we were finally given the biographies by all of the students. Well, sort of. It wasn't complete, we had most of the names but details for students such as Anna Browning and Mohammed Malik weren't there. There was also less than expected. I think the final count came to 41 students all together, including the profiles that aren't there yet. This will leave us with probably a total 88-92 page document if all runs smoothly.

Photography is going on very soon and we anticipate getting the photographs by the 13th of May.

Here is the information, Ross organised it because when we received it, it was a very jumbled mess. These are things that continue to slow us down and it's disappointing because it's not, or at least it shouldn't be our job to organise the copy. It should have been presented to us a lot more clearly so there is no room for errors (I don't think there are errors, but the point is still valid).

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