Monday, May 2, 2011

Film posters

So based on where I got to with the book covers, here is an effort with the film posters. I started trying to do a poster for the whole season, but it just wasn't going anywhere, it looked terrible. Things started to progress well once I looked at the film screenings as individual weeks, Especially when I started using the shapes reversed out of the block colour rather than the other way round, which appeared incredibly sparse. It really came together when I added the strip of colour and moved the cinema times to the top, whilst having the design underneath, this meant that hierarchically the type was more sound, and the image was allowed to breath on it's own at the bottom. Finally, I added some info about the event at the top to add context and tie the books and the film weeks together.

After this I applied the same construction to the rest in the series, which came together very quickly and organically.

I'm going to print some scale proofs on A3 for the crit, plus a full scale section on an A3 piece of paper in order for people to get a sense of scale. I need feedback on tweaks for the posters, as well as other directions to take the brief.

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