Monday, May 16, 2011

Design context interior

Here are some layout developments I started playing around with for the interior of the books, particularly those that focus on typefaces. I basically have 4 elements to each page: A glyph that shows the unique nature of the typeface at roughly 250pt. A qoute in the typeface to show off more of it in 14 pt, a bio of where and when it was made and by whom, and finally a bit of info abou how and why it was made, plus why I think it's a piece of art.

It should eb noted I've typeset this in Univers because it's an amazing typeface that I haven't worked with before and always wanted to. It could easily have been another really functional sans-serif such as helvetica, akzidenz grotesk, gill etc. but I know I really want to work with this.

There's some variations with reversing out to keep the book flowing in varied ways too, because the layout is going to have to stay pretty rigid with this one.

And finally, here's my applying the final layout to a few example spreads, I just need to drop in the content:

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