Monday, May 16, 2011

Contents page design

Here are developments of some contents pages that myself, Ross and Kate worked on together. We tried a few different layouts as well as using avant garde demi rather than regular to emphasise some of the details. We also tried reversing it out, but we all agreed that this would be jarring against the rest of the book, which will be entirely black on white. We made sure we tried the positioning so it worked with Route A which only had 14 students submitting for the year book and Route B which had twice as much. This meant that the contents had to start at the top of the page rather than towards the middle which we were keen on aesthetically at first.

We ended up with a contents page that also displayed the course info provided by the fashion team and specific pathway information, also supplied by the fashion team. The surnames ended up in demi, whilst the rest was set at regular. This meant that navigating the book by last name became a lot easier, especially give some of the students had the same first name (3 Sophies, a couple of Lauras etc.)

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