Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Applying t-shirt designs

Although I don't have time to screen print the all of the t-shirt designs I did for Les Morts, here are soem mock-ups that show exactly what I had in mind when designing them:

I basically took a poto of one of Daisy's blank t-shirts and applied the designs. I knew that they were all always going to be huge panel pieces, I think thats part of the brand identity, is to have t-shirt designs that are large, rather than ones that are sort of chest pieces only really.

These two are extremely quick mock ups that I made from existing bits and pieces. I think that the upside-down cross is a really strong and iconic image so it's definitely worht manipulating, whilst the made with black magic is somewhat of a tag line thanks to the inside labels and tags on the garments, so I thought I could get some mileage out of that one.

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