Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Final Crit yesterday

OK so we had our final crit, here are a few photographs of the work I presented and the forms of feedback I got back.
Things I couldn't present: Brand guidelines book, on blog, Fashion yearbook (full colour proof was with Paul at this time) and the black and white spreads didn't do it justice so I referred them to blog.

Feedback I got was generally very positive, the only problems really, were sorting out the blog coherency in regards to the design context brief and making sure that certain things that have occurred are recored properly (I have some gaps of information that I haven't put up yet.) These are things i'm aware of, and I'm going to break OUGD303 DC into two tags; ougd303dc and ougd303dc BOOK, this will separate general research from when I'm starting to bring it all together and put it into my book.

Other then that, I feel confident that I'm moving towards the end of all of my briefs and it's just a case of getting everything printed and photographed ready for putting on boards. As well as getting the context book ready so I can begin printing on a few different paper stocks by the end of the week/beginning of next week.

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