Thursday, May 12, 2011

Clarifying my context book, etc.

OK, so this is the time I really want to focus my context book and clarify a few things. After my tutorial with Lorenzo, where I was ill and unable to concentrate properly, I think I need to be really clear on the direction for my context book!

Firstly, the copyright copytype brief has been pushed to the side and I have some incredibly good first hand research for it which seems a shame. However I am going to incorporate this into the context brief. I am going to take the angle 'type is an art form' for my context book which means looking at the arguments as to why type is an art form or should be treated as such, touching upon copyright legislation and some of the quotes I have. Followed by 20 typefaces I love and why, including; who they were designed by, a quote form that designer on the typeface/a really pertinent quote from someone else, a large detail picture/glyph that shows off the bets characteristics of the typeface, it's uses and fonts within the family.

I will then have case studies from places like Raw, 194 and Music that showcase great type talent and their views on typography. I will also include some work from some of the great studios I have been looking at.

This allows me to bring together some good research I've already been doing and established the gaps I still need to research into!

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