Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting all of the contact info in

We spent today getting all of the contact information into the book because we were anticipating having all of the photographs pretty soon, but because there's a delay in Paul selecting the photographs, it looks like we won't get them till Monday, this is frustrating because if it wasn't for these delays we could have had a proof to him by the end of today and send it to print earlier.

Unfortunately I'm on my computer and the indesign file is not backwards compatible so you'll have to imagine the image below with the right contact details in.

Also, the strip down the side was taken directly from the cover, so we made two strips, using a clipping mask, one with white underneath it, just like the pathway A cover and one at 70% black with 100% black underneath like the cover on pathway B. Obviously this allows us to separate the two pathways clearly in the book. The width of them is 5mm, but in the book they'll be 3.5 mm, this is so they go into the bleed, ensuring that even if the alignment isn't absolutely perfect, there shouldn't be any unsightly white lines around the edge of these bits.

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