Friday, February 11, 2011

Context Workshop

Yesterday we had a context workshop just to clarify exactly what we wanted to do with the context brief. He showed us some context books just to give us an idea about structure, but not stylistic ideas. He also recommended looking at a few context blogs including Anand's.

Then we had to write 5 subjects we were interested in for our contextual research, a statement for each, followed by 5 questions we need to answer as part of the process.

We pinned these to the wall and had people write us questions they think we need to clarify about our subjects.

Although theres some useful specifics that people have given me in here, it demonstrated how much we need to clarify the terms of what we're looking at. What is publication? what is high-spec? what is fine art? etc. so we can move forward with a veyr very clear and concise blog and get a good book out of it.

Apart form it being too warm in the room, it was actually a fun and very useful exercise.

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