Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here are some of the photos we took as part of the photo shoot today. It was a lot of fun and we all really enjoyed the chance to do something practical tgether, I think it was a nice group bonding exercise, as well as useful for getting example work for our spreads.

The session was divided into two sections, shooting the work and then messing around with photographing the people. Here are some pictures of us trying out both:

Standard, if not hideous profile shot. I don't know if we'll go for something this simple by it's self. We really want to push the idea of legacy conceptually, so maybe if there was a quote over my head-shot about the legacy I leave or something, then that could be useful.

Now this photo of Ross is interesting, we projected a made-up quote about legacy onto his chest and it kind of hid his face, in a way that focuses the head shot on the idea of legacy rather than the person themselves. In terms of lighting, I think the contrast between light and dark is something to be admired. Kate pointed out something significant, that I hadn't thought about that punches a bit of a hole in it, though; Pointing a quote onto a girl's chest might not be the most sensitive thing to do. She has a strong point, and I guess we'd have to think of another way of making the same point.

I like this one because it's plain and stripped down. The person is still viewable, but they're blank, and the quote about legacy takes on a bit more significance.

Then we started messing around with silhouettes, which could be quite fun, but I'm worried that the novelty will distract from the theme of legacy. But it was fun to shoot and we got some interesting photographs out of it.

With the work, we just collected a bit of everyone's and took a few different photographs just so we have options, it wasn't really important what they were of specifically, just so long as they were work and they wouldn't look out of place on a year book page.

What are we going to do now? Well Ross is going to continue with the covers. I'm going to try and apply this content to some spreads and see what happens. Kate is going to work on the additional promotional materials and what format they could take. Jonny has to take a step back in order to finish his Graphic Novel duties. It's a shame but we can cover him and he really needs to focus his time in that direction for the short term.

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