Thursday, February 24, 2011

Managing the project

I formally have adopted the role of project management which is scary, but I feel really up to the task. Because of this, there are some further things I need to bring up with Paul in a meeting we have on Wednesday 2nd of March at 2pm, just to ensure everything is heading in the right direction.

-Need a figure for the print run they want

-Photography- They need to start contacting a photographer, I have one that I highly recommend, Adam Fussell When I designed t-shirts for Daisy over the summer, he took the photos for the product shots and they were amazing, he's also done shots for han cholo which are really good. I'll recommend it's worth getting hold of him.

-He needs to set a date for the photography shoots, so I know the deadline I can work to.

-I need the students to give me or him 30 words about themselves, their web addresses, emails and work numbers, so I have content thats ready to put into the book.

-I need a quote from himself, Sue, any other team members and the workshop team about the course.

-This needs an appropriate deadline, a week maximum, so we have all the written content at once.

After this, we can pitch the different things that myself and Ross have been doing seperately. I'm really keen on the stuff I've been doing and hope that my direction gets chosen. Hopefully there won't be too many modifications necessary.

I also tried to work out roughly the amount of pages, so we can start getting estimates as soon as possible. (once we decide on a few different paperstocks and look at finishes and none finishes.)

Here are the pages:

Contents x 2
pathway information x 2
52 student double spreads
message from sue (single page) x2
message form paul (single page) x2
message form other tutors (double spread) (in the middle)
message from workshop team (double spread) (in the middle)
List of students/headshots of students x 2 (slap bang in the middle)

rough estimate of 128 pages.

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