Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Layout Development continued

Here's some layout development since the photoshoot. Myself and Ross came into a small amount of conflict between serif vs. sans serif typefaces for this book. I really wanted to use a serif typeface, but Ross was finding it unwieldy for whatever reason. In a way I guess the typeface is insignificant because you can make it mean whatever you want. For instance, he persuaded me to use helvetica std, along with a found face called 'cherrygin' which makes the distinctive 3, and I relented. I relented because actually, I think that the first 3 books using a similar typeface might be a good thing, a sort of legacy in it's self. I wasn't keen at first but he won me over.
Anyway, after deciding that text a long the top and photographs a long the bottom or vise versa wasn't working. I tried a profile section down the left hand. I decided that this division between person and work allowed us to divide the information in a way that had clarity to it. So it became just about trying to tweak that as much as possible, untill the entire group were staisfied with the example spread.

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