Monday, February 28, 2011

music Zine Cover Designs, further development

I wanted to try writing with magnetic tape, and here is my poor results:

Terrible I know, the problem is the tape constantly wanted to recoil on it's self, even when glue, and so it wouldn't stay anywhere near legible. It took 2 hours to get a p and a t to work and another 30 mins to get the a and the e which then promptly recoiled to the sorry state you see before your eyes, so it's perhaps not something to do for this.

I made a drawing from it, and this is perhaps something I should explore but right now, I'm really wanting to push different things with the photographic direction I'd been working on.
So here are some things on the wide format, and then the thin format Anothe rthign to note is that because of the budget, I've decided to not use two colours but reduce it to black on stock:

Before writing about this, I think it's important to show a few things that inspired me directly:

I like the simplicity of this cover for hootenanny, a newspaper based on inspiration done by the university of Lancaster(?). I love the use of a larger letterform, and I think it's something that influenced the use of the large no.1 that's on the cover. I also really liked the use of lines to seperate the text and prevent it from looking like it's lost in the negative space, and I took that tool as well.

I love the simplicity of these posters by Raw for Chapel Street Studios, and I think the use of monotone on different colours is something to consider on as a way of differentiating between the issues. It looks very DIY and that's obviously something I want. I think the grainy photographs I've taken really help with this.

Finally, I like the artsy-ness of this newspaper designed by Michael Freimuth, as well as the quality of the blacks, which are both rich and grainy, so that's something I'm striving for as well.

I think that I prefer the thin format, it seems to look the most visually aware, something about the wideness of the other one makes it less visually appealing. Also, with the thinner format, it's less folds so I can get the full 16 pages onto one duplexed piece of sugar paper, this also means that I can fit it all onto two A1 screens which is twice as cheap as the other format, which is good if I am going to produce a run of these. In fact, that reminds me, I need to thoroughly budget this to avoid spending a lot of money (for a later post I feel).

I started playing around with the no.1 to emphasise that this is the first issue, using futura, which I liked from my previous initial designs for this. I liked the line boarders I used for it too, I feel that they give it a sense of structure that avoids it just hanging in the middle of the page. I also started creating a banner which sort of mimics the idea of tape a bit and allows me to place type onto the cover without the magnetic tape photograph intervening with it. This direction is quite swiss in a way, although the tape keeps it from being quite as minimal as the swiss, and therefore it gives out quite a sophisticated feel. I don't know whether this matters or not, other than it's visually engaging and it definitely says music. I think this is a strong direction, but I'm very aware I need to try a few more things first.

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