Friday, February 11, 2011

Year Book Pitch Results

Ok, So we all got the results of the year book pitch. Suffice to say, we didn't win. We were also very happy about not winning, we wanted to do the Fashion book. Fred said that all the boards were of a very high standard, and that he was very happy with the work we all produced. Apparently every project was at least as good as the winning pitch from last year, so that was a boost.

Anyway, we have a meeting at 12 on monday with the staff in the fashion department, where we can discuss plans, etc. So it's important to get an idea of what we're going to discuss, so here are some questions that might be useful to our group:

-Which one member of staff do we answer to directly? (Fred said it was a good idea to properly establish who is the authority)
-How big a print run do they want?
-Do they have any ideas for themes or subject matters so far?
-They need to sort out photography, do they know who will do it for them?
-How much space do they devote to each student? a single page, a spread etc.

Other things:
-Show them example paper stocks and see what they're most into,
-Show them examples of fashion based GD work that we all enjoy, and see what they're into.

So now I have to look for fashion spread design etc. that I enjoy.

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