Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meeting with Sue and Paul

Ok so yesterday at midday we had our meeting with the fashion team in charge of the year book. or at least we met Sue, Paul wasn't in yet. From those questions that we drew up (Ross drew up a few more) here is what we got:
  • Paul is our point of contact (Liason)
  • Sue is the authority, and wants the bigger decisions running by her (final decisions)
  • The print run is unconfirmed, though they want what they had last time, Sue just couldn't produce a figure, this is to be emailed to me.
  • Examples of student work are also to be emailed to me
  • We are in charge of art direction of photographs, paul and sue are in charge of getting the photographs taken, along with all the information such as quotes. (they supply content)
  • We are to be thematically informed by two pathways which are:
  • ROUTE A: fashion and innovation - concept and communication, product & Branding
  • ROUTE B: fashion and design - Concept attach it to a trend that they are inspired by, ends with production and catwalk show (Mens & Womenswear)
  • A+B - photographs, seperate the two categories (A focus on branding, B focus on garment)
  • Clear distinction between Route A and B
  • The final deadline for print is 1st June with exhibition in the 3rd.
  • Final numbers for pathway groups TBC
Action plan of what to do now:
-email sue to confirm the agreements in the meeting
-arrange a follow-up meeting for the Monday after we return from reading week.
-Chase up the info Sue is to email us
-come up with a proposal of how to make the two distinct pathways apparent in the year book
Including- layout, font choices, colour choices, photographic direction, etc.

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