Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Initial layout designs

Here are some initial sketches of how the layouts on the inside of the yearbook could work. I worked on this, whilst Ross worked on the cover designs. Here is some of his work (I'm fairly sure he did more). I decided to start with a six column grid because I wanted to echo the idea of us being the third year with that.

I quickly found that an 8 column gird is far more durable though and it allowed me to be able to apply more content without struggling to fit things in. In these layouts, it's worth mentioning that the system I want to put in place is a profile photograph that suits the idea of legacy (we're doing a photoshoot tomorrow, banging a load of different things out.) then 2 larger photos, 1 of all the work a person has produced, showing the breadth and depth of work and then one that focuses on one particular project and it's details. Another significant feature would be the idea of putting a quote about legacy from the person who the spread belongs to into the photograph. We're discussing doing this either by light projection or adding it in afterwards. Jonny is organising things for the photo shoot tomorrow, so credit to him.

^Playing around with potential ideas for using borders to create a very traditional feel.

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These are the layouts I started working with based on the principle that we were dealing with legacy, so I've used a serif font here. I tried to keep the layout very simple and based it on the 8 column grid I'd worked on earlier with my initial sketches (above). I'm quite happy with the way it looks, it's quite formal and traditional and definitely says legacy to me, but myself and Ross who seem to be the layout experts will have a discussion about it tomorrow. Obviously Kate and Jonny will have a lot of input, still.
The fonts I've been playing around with are Georgia and Baskerville, with a bit of Caslon. I think I like Georgia the most, even though it's designed for screen. It works particularly well as bold italics. The weighting and shape of the 'w' are just really satisfying to my eye. Also, I've tried some reversed out pages against various colours because that's something both yearbooks have done that I find satisfying. Anyway, yes, we will go do some photo shoots, I will apply this to my designs, Ross will do covers and we'll get together as a group and vito whatever isn't working.

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