Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion Photography

I have an idea bout the book utilising photography for the covers. Here are some high fashion photographs, all of them have elements that I'd like for this year book.

I like the softness of the colours that make this look almost retro, along with a really strong 1 colour that pushes through. A photograph that is strongly one colour will be helpful for a cover, because it makes it more predictable when putting type over the top, making picking a font easier.

This isn't a fashion photograph, but again I like the soft, almost pastel shade that the photograph holds.

Presence of one colour, plus the naturalness of the background, i.e. it's not on an infinity curve are the attribute which I'd take from this one.

This ikea one is almost perfect, it contains similar objects to the ones that I'd include on one of the covers for the photograph, so this is something that might be worth showing to Paul when presenting the direction that I'm thinking of going down.

I like the really strong colour in this, obviously it's not something that's feasible with the timescale and budget we have for this yearbook, nor is it something I'd want to copy.

Again, really strong colour.

Very strong colour, plus I really love the background, it's a nice naturalistic setting and something similar would be appropriate to the photoshoot I'd want to do as part of this direction I'm working on.

Good example of strong colour presence and some nice type (the main header) and some awful type (subheader and author name)

I like the retro vibe of these colours, it looks like a warn down polaroid.

The following three I like for the same reason, soft colours and retro vibe.

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