Sunday, February 6, 2011

Year Book pitch evaluation

The year book pitch was a very intense quick turnaround brief, I think altogether we spent 3 days on it and 2 hour long meeting s before that to get things set up for it. With this in mind, I think we turned around a very good project. The theme worked pretty well throughout. Ross and Kate both worked very hard to get things done, as did myself. Jonny took a backseat which he had arranged in advance whilst he gets the Graphic Novel out of the way.

I think there's certain things I would do differently on my own. For example, I'd modified the cover with what we had to what it was on the final piece. But I'd also consider having a monotone gold studio photograph on the front, rather than one block colour. This would represent the legacy of our course quite well I think and would be more visually stimulating.

Also, I'd of stuck to a serif face. All of the projects I'd looked at from other people used helvetica, and it would have been quite nice to differentiate ourselves from that.
But Ross didn't want to use it, and neither of the other two cared enough about it. I think that what we came up with looked professional, butt I can't help but think I could have done something a little more interesting with serifs.

Finally, the choice of photographs for the headshots; I don't think people understood what I was wanting us to achieve so they ended up messing about a bit. I think the silhouettes idea would have been good if our group weren't trying to make them playful, but instead tried to get the point of legacy across. Other than that, it was a good project and I can't wait to see whether we get it, or if we can go ahead and do the fashion year book, I'd be happy with either.

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