Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year Book product shots

After mocking up the covers and just polishing the final designs up with Ross (post not up here yet, Ross's blog isn't up to date and I need to grab the PDF of the cover before and how I ammended it with him.) We glued the covers and the spreads into a previous year book. This allowed us to take nice photographs. I was really worried when we first printed the covers off, the gold looked like a disgusting mustard colour. But once round the book, it started to look better, and then photographed, it actually looks gold which is great.

Ross mocked uo this potential website, which was excellent. I felt like I'd done a lot of this brief on my own, all the spreads, ammending the covers and then doing all the type on the design boards. It felt nice when he said 'go away, I've got this.' because I was exhausted.

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