Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last Year's Fashion Year Book

OK, so thoughts on the book from last year. From a Graphic Design standpoint, the covers look visually very engaging and the spot varnish finish looks really nice, and the mostly black cover says high class, like fashion should be.

What's useful about this book, is it deals with the two pathways by having a book that is seperated into two sides and you can read it from either side, so in reality it has two covers. It uses colour to divide the two different pathways with obvious visual language. My only problem with this is having to flip the book upside down to go to the other side. People might find it easier just to read the pages in reverse order.

This is a bit of information about each pathway, it's taken from the course guide and it's a little dry. Maybe we could get Sue to say a quote about each one that would go with this section.

The photography was a decision Sue made last year, and technically it's very visually engaging. However, there are some issues. Firstly, both routes have their products photographed in the same way. Focusing on Garments. However, the fashion and innovation route also brand and package their products, so it seems like taking pictures of this branding, or having the presence of their logo on the year book would be a good idea, and an improvement on last years. I'd also like to do something different with the head-shots in the corners, if we use head-shots at all, because they're characterless and quite depressing.

So this has given the group a lot of ideas of what can be improved on. We like the approach of sperating out the book into the two categories that they have done. But we need to address the art direction of the photography, to make the book have a little more character.

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