Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Layout trials

Ed put a lot of the ground work in here for actual layouts using the work, whilst I worked on cover designs, so credit to him. It was refreshing to have someone who was so committed to the brief, compared to last week, where everyone was on board... but I still ended up doing quite a lot of the work. Anyway, here are some printed examples of spreads Ed was working on, I think he did a really good job with these.

The basic concept is; He wants large work showing but then close ups on the details. What we're proposing is to have a large photo that shows the scale of the piece and then tiles using the grid that show close ups of the artwork. I really like the way Ed has set out the author name and essay title in the grid. It makes the layout a little more interesting and contemporary.

We used some flourishes from early print making, but both of us think that this makes the layouts seem a little too busy, so we'll try something else instead.

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