Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Typography development

In terms of the typography, I was really inspired by this fashion book that Jonny brought in, it uses a slab serif that is Gold foil blocked. I'd really love to be able to use a foil block too, but we'll have to see about the budget and get quotes.

Anyway, here is some mucking around with type. I used Nouvelle Vague at first before trying some others and returning to Nouvelle Vague because the shapes of some of the thicker stems are realy curved and almost sensual, which I feel really suits fashion.
And it's part of the high-fashion visual language, or at least I feel it is, referring back to THIS context post.

The problem I face with Nouvelle vague is that it doesn't have an ampersand in the font, so I used Bodoni, because it's a loose fit, and then modified it like so:

Then I made sure the ampersand height was the same as the header line so there's a nice symmetry and volume created

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