Monday, February 7, 2011

Making different elements work as one

Here's some initial concept work of how these different elements are going to come together that myself and Ed did. We banded around ideas like boxes, and a sleeve that unites 3 separate books, both ideas just seemed a little to basic, like there wasn't enough there to capture Garry's interest necessarily.

Then we thought about the idea of a bound book that had a gate fold, with pockets put into them, which hold the separate components.

Just a brief example of the kinds of grids we'd use, with tight gutters and huge margins, to get that traditional print look.

Ed came up with an excellent idea, of cutting the central book in half, which would have contained the essays and the images, so then the exhibition catalogue and the essays can be viewed together and then separately. I think this is something that Garry would respond to really well.

With these ideas, it's time to start making some prototypes to see how they would work.

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